Colvin & Earle

Colvin & Earle

Steve Earle with a beard a guitar sitting alongside with Shawn Colvin against a rustic brick wall, both exuding a cool, artistic vibe.


More than two decades ago, American folk singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin recorded a cover of Steve Earle’s Someday. Years later, following her rise to success that included a Grammy Award and the release of her number one single Sunny Came Home, and his rock, country and folk singer-songwriter career, the two folk stars reveal an unparalleled creative partnership.

With their new album, “Colvin & Earle,” this bluesy and folk cohesive duo capture a rollicking slice of folk-gospel working its way from Egypt to Ferguson, MO.

Deriving from personal experiences, the artists’ songs are raw and move through moments of sorrow and longing, leaving feelings of nostalgia and revelation with their audiences.

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