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Esperanza Spalding with braided hair and a flower gazes thoughtfully to the side against a backdrop of warm golden drapery, illuminated by a soft, diffused light.

Esperanza Spalding

Emphasizing simplicity and intimacy of her voice, bass, and songs, in this special configuration of 2 musicians and 2 dancers, Esperanza performs songs from all 8 of her previous albums, songs from current releases, plus a special-preview of her forthcoming project.

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Raiford Rogers ballet dancers in perfect unison mid-jump against a painted backdrop, exhibiting the artistry and athleticism of a dance performance.

Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet: Glassworks

A captivating new production choreographed by Raiford Rogers, set to the entrancing sounds of the Philip Glass masterpiece, “Glassworks.” The landmark composition serves as the heartbeat of this innovative ballet performed by Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet. Pianist Hui Wu brings the music to life with virtuosic flair, providing a sonic track that enhances the emotional depth of Rogers’ choreography.

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Michael Feinstein in a black tuxedo and bow tie laughing joyously, holding a microphone with a vibrant cityscape at night in the background.

Michael Feinstein

Michael Feinstein brings to life Big Band Celebrations and the Tony Bennett legacy. Supported by the Carnegie Hall Ensemble and Luckman Jazz Orchestra, Feinstein pays a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Tony Bennett, bringing his iconic songs to life in a symphony of sound.

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