A pensive man gazing intently at a skull he holds in his hand, evoking a scene reminiscent of hamlet's famous soliloquy.


Filmed live on stage at the Stratford Festival in Ontario, Canada as part of the Stratford Festival HD Series.

A ghostly visitor with a shocking secret, a daughter devastated by loss, a deadly duel, and the most famous question in all of drama: Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy will hold you spellbound. Jonathan Goad is witty and courageous in the title role, as well as being deeply human. The film excites and surprises at every turn, with a cast of some of the world’s finest classical actors bringing to life the most intense and heart-breaking relationships the stage has ever seen.

Canada, 2016, 1 hour 56 minutes

Directed by Antoni Cimolino (stage), Shelagh O’Brien (screen)

Jonathan Goad as Hamlet

Seana McKenna as Gertrude

Geraint Wyn Davies as Claudius

Tim Campbell as Horatio

Adrienne Gould as Ophelia

Thomas Olajide as Voltemand

Mike Shara as Laertes

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