Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet

Joshua Tree Symphony

Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet

Joshua Tree Symphony

Graceful ballet dancers in synchrony, capturing the fluidity of motion and the beauty of dance.

The Luckman Fine Arts Complex at Cal State LA presents a virtual performance of Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet’s Joshua Tree Symphony set to original music by by Czech composer Zbynek Mateju. 

Choreography: Raiford Rogers

Dancers: Sadie Black, Bobby Briscoe, Joshua Brown, Kate Highstrete, Chelsea Paige Johnston, David Kim, Theresa Knudson, Tigran Sargsyan, Nicole Sievers, Mate Szentes, Elizabeth Walker, Hanna Wilcox

Music: Zbynek Mateju

Art Projection: Michael Nava

Lighting Designer: John A Garofalo

Assistant to Choreographer: Lisa Gillespie

Video Production: Mark Bowen 

Your donations are enthusiastically accepted and help make this series possible. To donate, please click here and scroll to “Luckman Fine Arts Complex” in the designation field. 

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