A concept image representing creative thinking with a glowing light bulb amidst a row of colorful crumpled paper balls, symbolizing the process of brainstorming and idea development.


Arts & Ideas is a cultural engagement program that promotes creativity through  interactive application of artistic processes. We bring people together from surrounding communities to share different perspectives during these dynamic exchanges.  

Through film, dance, and visual art workshops we offer participants the opportunity to engage with the arts on visual, auditory, and kinesthetic levels. Imagination sparks creativity and creativity births art; one of the distinct endeavors unique to the human race. Our mission is to fulfill the minds of our community members creatively and give them a platform for success in the future. 

Time: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Scheduled workshops include:

Silk screening

Indigenous basket weaving

Poetry writing sessions

Watercolor technique

Paper mache 

Block printing 

Slam poetry open mic 

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