A vibrant and whimsical abstract painting showcasing an explosion of colors, patterns, and surreal shapes intertwining in a harmonious chaos.


In partnership with KCET, the Luckman presents East is Eden from their critically-acclaimed Artbound Series. The film investigates arts practices from our local communities of East of Los Angeles, venturing from Lincoln Heights to San Bernardino. Featuring a live studio performance by Chicano Batman, whose music fuses funk, R&B, Latin soul, bossa nova, psychedelia, and pop.

The film introduces the group Metralleta de Oro, who specialize in Sonidero, a sub-genre of the Mexican cumbia in Lincoln Heights. In Boyle Heights, the group Public Matters’ Market Makeover project addresses the “grocery gap” in food deserts. In East L.A., visual artist Jaime “Germs” Zacarias takes inspiration from religious iconography and lucha libre to create his tentacle-filled works. In East L.A., Shizu Saldamando paints portraits focusing on the everyday life of her friends. Nery Gabriel Lemus shares how his visual art is inspired by his experiences as a social worker. Then venture to San Bernardino to meet the desert pop surrealists the Date Farmers.

Available to stream February 4, 2022 from 5:00 pm until 11:59 pm.

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