World Arts Day

West Africa & India

World Arts Day

West Africa & India

A group of people standing in a circle holding out their hands covered in vibrant colored powder, symbolizing unity, diversity, and creativity.

World Arts Day is designed to give the community an opportunity to experience and interact with various art forms from around the world. 

This year, we celebrate the music, dance, and visual art traditions of West Africa and India. From Senegalese drumming to Bollywood dancing, participants will be immersed in a day of cultural discovery. 

All activities are hands-on and interactive. We encourage people of all ages to take part and learn more about different cultures that make our city, country, and world beautiful. 

Time: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Scheduled workshops include: 

Senegalese drumming and dancing

Malian mask making

Indian henna art

Gambian jewelry making

Indian rangoli sand art

Bollywood dance class

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