Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet: Glassworks

Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet: Glassworks

Raiford Rogers ballet dancers in perfect unison mid-jump against a painted backdrop, exhibiting the artistry and athleticism of a dance performance.


Photo by: Steve Cohen

A captivating new production choreographed by Raiford Rogers, set to the entrancing sounds of the Philip Glass masterpiece, “Glassworks.” The landmark composition serves as the heartbeat of this innovative ballet performed by Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet. Pianist Hui Wu brings the music to life with virtuosic flair, providing a sonic track that enhances the emotional depth of Rogers’ choreography. 

The performance will feature projections of evocative painting progressions by artist Mike Nava, creating a multi-sensory experience where dance, music, and visual art converge seamlessly.The result is an unforgettable performance that offers a unique and immersive journey into the expressive possibilities of artistic fusion.

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