Bruce Yonemoto

The Imaginary Line Around the Earth

Bruce Yonemoto

The Imaginary Line Around the Earth

A dramatic scene of a sprawling glacier under a moody sky pierced by the glow of the sun, captured in the unique style of Bruce Yonemoto.

The Imaginary Line Around the Earth — an exhibition of works by Los Angeles-based artist Bruce Yonemoto. The included installations and videos span a period between 1992-2017.  Much of Yonemoto’s work examines the unreality of the media landscape, a landscape that distorts and manipulates our understanding of important and shared issues such as class and race. The exhibition will also debut Yonemoto’s most recent project The End of the World at the Edge of the Earth, shot in Argentina and produced with a grant from Creative Capital.

This exhibition was on view Mar 25 — May 13, 2017.

An artist walkthrough with Bruce Yonemoto and Juli Carson took place on Apr 22, 2017.

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