Psychic Outlaws

Psychic Outlaws

Psychic Outlaws is an exhibition inspired by Annie Buckley’s novel of the same name. Nineteen contemporary artists from Los Angeles will be given a different chapter of the book, and each will make new work in response. The exhibition becomes a unique collaboration and physical iteration of Buckley’s words and the themes of psychology, memory, alternative healing, feminism, and metaphorical reasoning found in the narrative. This exhibition is curated by John Souza with Annie Buckley.

See exhibition images here.

Participating artists: Karla Diaz, Tami Demaree, Fay Ray, Phung Huyhn, Jay Stuckey, Joe Biel, Dane Picard, Liz Young, Rashell George, Gina Osterloh, HK Zamani, China Adams, Ursula Brookbank, Jordan Biren, Waylon Dobson, Shizu Saldamando, Evelyn Serrano, Mark Dutcher, and Heather Cantrell.

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 9th | 6-8 PM
Curator’s Talk: Tuesday, October 12th | 6 PM

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