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An art gallery view featuring contemporary installations, with a large abstract sculpture hanging from the ceiling and various artworks displayed on the walls.

Territories, Left of Center

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday | Feb 6, 2010 | 6PM-8PM

Territories, Left of Center is an exhibition that elaborates on philosopher and cultural critic Walter Benjamin’s claim that “to live is to leave traces.” Focusing on sculptural works and constructions, the exhibition considers the body and its surroundings, and suggests a sculptural language of dissent. The featured artists respond, in diverse ways, to institutional hierarchies, materiality, and transience.

See exhibition images here.

Justin Beal
Lynda Benglis
Jason Dungan
Ron Gorchov
Evan Holloway
Roni Horn
Glenn Ligon
Michelle Lopez
Shana Lutker
Sally Mann
Daniel Joseph Martinez
Nancy Rubins
Robert Zungu

This exhibition is guest-curated by Jeffrey Uslip.


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