A confident woman with short, styled hair and wearing a white outfit gazes at the camera, her hands elegantly poised beside her face, exuding a sense of strength and grace.


Gifted with an expressive and powerful voice, Mariza is inarguably the genre’s best-known global representative for the 21st century. Mariza’s approach to singing fado (a traditional Portuguese genre full of exquisite contradictions) embraces the new while never forsaking the old. Her early recordings of classic fados, such as “Primavera,” mixed new and traditional instrumentation in support of soaring, emotionally searing vocals.

Though her work remains within the Portuguese tradition’s boundaries, she has distinguished herself by gradually incorporating elements from other folk and popular traditions into her music. These include sounds from Mozambique where she was born, and Portugal, where she grew up, Brazilian samba and MPB, Cape Verdean mornas, R&B, and soul music.

With the release of her six-time-platinum debut album, Fado em Mim, her reputation reached beyond Portugal and spread internationally with greater success than ever, with an array of multi-platinum album releases and appearances on some of the most important stages in the world.

Mariza has received dozens of awards, including her most cherished: Best Artist from the Amália Rodrigues Foundation. Mariza is a humanitarian who also serves as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

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