Paula Cole

Paula Cole

A mysterious portrait of American singer Paula Cole illuminated by a sliver of light, highlighting her intense gaze and delicate facial features amidst the shadows.


Photos: Paula Cole at The Luckman Apr 26, 2024

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and producer Paula Cole make her Luckman debut as part of her 2024 tour in support of her new album, Lo, her first album of original compositions in five years.

An evening showcasing tracks from the acclaimed new release as well as her signature classic hits.

Paula Cole has been a truth-teller, a provocateur, a feminist, a rebel, and a brilliant autobiographical writer who has pushed for personal honesty and social change. An artful weaver of genre, she is difficult to categorize — she is simply Paula Cole.

Paula Cole’s eleventh studio album, Lo, is devastatingly personal and utterly gorgeous.  

Lo’s eleven songs, written entirely by Cole, navigate her opening to trust again after indelible blows of life. As the first woman to ever be nominated for the Best Producer Grammy in her own right, Paula Cole returns to the helm of recording as sole producer. On Lo, her loyal bandmates of many years (musicians that are stars unto themselves) join Cole in the studio. Lo was recorded entirely live, featuring full band performances from Jay Bellerose (drums), Chris Bruce (guitars), Ross Gallagher (upright and electric bass, backing vocals) and Rich Hinman (pedal steel, guitars). It was recorded and mixed by nine-time-Grammy-award-winning-engineer, Mike Piersante, whose unique sound is the canvas for Lo.

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