San Cha

San Cha

A duo immersed in a musical performance, with San Cha taking center stage as she sings passionately into the microphone, while a male musician in the background contributes with his instrument under the warm glow of a stage

San Cha is an acclaimed singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, increasingly known for her visceral and explosive live performances. Her name, derived from the Spanish-slang word sancha (which translates to “mistress”) is a mischievous reference to the title of “San,” given to male saints in the Catholic tradition. Fans of cumbia, punk, bolero, and electro flock to see San Cha’s emotional renditions of traditional Mexican rancheras and original songs that focus on conventions of identity, power, and love.

San Cha’s striking stage presence is accompanied by the one-of-a-kind garments she adorns, aesthetic reflections of the years spent performing in the San Francisco Bay area. Inspired to pursue music professionally after joining a church choir at the age of 12, a career in music was always in the cards for San Cha. As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, her unique sound draws inspiration from the music and rhythms she grew up with as well as the punk culture she grew to appreciate. San Cha was most recently the headlining act at the kickoff of the Red Bull Music Festival, the Getty Museum, and the Santa Monica Pier’s Twilight Concert Series.

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