Asaf Avidan

Singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan has taken the international music community by storm with his unique brand of folk and blues and his signature vocal sound, reminiscent of jazz greats and rock legends alike. Following the release of his debut solo album The Reckoning and its subsequent catapult to gold certification, Avidan has garnered numerous accolades from around the world.

A stylish man with a distinctive afro and a bowler hat, exuding confidence against a gray backdrop.

Yemen Blues

Yemen Blues coexist in both the past and the present; they are timeless and modern. Fronted by acclaimed vocalist Ravid Kahalani, the group mies the music of Yemen and West Africa with funk, mambo, soul, and ancient chanting styles. Conjuring up a rich and diverse musical palette with the use of percussion, oud, horns, and strings, their myriad influences carry over to the stage, where the ensemble navigates from the boisterous to the romantic and from joyous celebration to anguished balladry.

Sheets of paper caught in a whirl, seemingly dancing in the warm glow of a light.

World Arts Day

World Arts Day opens up the LA Sephardic Music Festival with world food, music and free, hands-on, interactive activities for all ages.

A contemplative musician playing the cello by a tranquil lakeside.

Ben Sollee

Known for his unique mix of folk, bluegrass, jazz, and R&B, cellist Ben Sollee has redefined these genres of music with his unique and intricate arrangements. Matched by his smoky vocal stylings, Sollee’s music is deeply rooted in his tales of human experience and emotion. NPR calls his music “an inspired collection of acoustic, folk and jazz flavored songs, filled with hope and the earnest belief that the world is good.”

Two dancers in motion, showcasing a dramatic and synchronized leap on stage, embodying both grace and physical strength.

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

Israel’s most innovative and prominent dance company, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company has soared into the international spotlight as much for their exquisite technique, as for their figurative and abstract approach. Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company makes their highly-anticipated return to the Luckman with their critically-acclaimed theatrical event, If At All.

A contemplative man leaning against an old rustic wall with wrought-iron window grills and weathered shutters.

Antonio Zambujo

The preeminent force in the resurrection of male fado singers in a genre traditionally dominated by females, Antonio Zambujo makes his debut performance at the Luckman with his earthy and atmospheric interpretations of Portugal’s national musical gems.


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