Graceful dancer leaping through the air with a flowing white fabric accentuating her movement.

River North Dance Chicago

River North Dance Chicago is celebrated for creating vibrant works that blend athletic prowess and artistic perspective with bold, theatrical flair. Under artistic direction of Frank Chaves, River North demonstrates depth and sophistication employing eclectic movement and demanding choreography. Boasting an eclectic, dynamic, jazz-based contemporary repertoire, internationally acclaimed River North conjures a powerful spectrum of human emotion.

Three contemporary dancers on stage performing a fluid and expressive routine with dynamic poses under a soft spotlight.

Rairford Rogers Modern Ballet

The cutting-edge company returns to the Luckman Fine Arts Complex at Cal State L.A. to perform the world premiere of Still Life set to an original score by acclaimed Czech composer Zbynek Mateju

Colorful folkloric dance performance celebrating traditional mexican culture with dancers in vibrant costumes and sombreros under a shower of celebratory streamers.

Ballet Folklórico de Mexico de Amalia Hernández

The iconic Ballet Folklórico de Mexico de Amalia Hernández make their Luckman debut with a highly-anticipated repertory performance! Amalia Hernández founded the Ballet Folklórico de México in 1952, having embarked at a very early age on a never-ending quest to rescue the dancing traditions of Mexico. Six decades later, the company is admired as the best of its kind in the world. Ballet Folklórico de México has created more than forty ballets incorporating local dance traditions from some 60 regions of Mexico, presented more than 5,000 performances, and won more than 200 awards for artistic achievement.

A tense moment in a grassy field, where a group of people appear to be intensely focused or alarmed, with some crouching and others poised to run, against a backdrop of overcast skies and rolling hills.


Presenting choreographic works that examine human relationships, this extraordinary collection of world-class dancers articulates the perfect marriage between explosive hip-hop physicality and the subtle profoundness of contemporary story telling. A combination of the narrative, the spectacular, and the freedom of break dancing with the abstraction, nuances, and technique of contemporary dance results in a true hybrid of dance forms. Under the direction of distinguished dancer and choreographer Victor Quijada, Rubberbandance has soared to extraordinary levels. The Los Angeles native formulates a refined repertoire that amalgamates his early roots with his transplanted foundation.

A dramatic stage performance featuring four individuals, one painted in white resembling a statue, amidst a mysterious haze with an open umbrella as a prop, conveying an intense and expressive moment.

Cloud Gate 2

Acclaimed Taiwanese choreographer Lin Hwai-Min founded Cloud Gate 2 to foster new talent and showcase the next generation of Taiwanese dance. Dance Europe describes this innovative ensemble as, “a vibrant Company.” Cloud Gate II’s portfolio of work is celebrated around the world as some of the most innovative and creative contemporary dance to come out of Asia in decades. At the forefront of modern dance, Cloud Gate II dares to take beautiful risks that produce equally stunning outcomes.

A dynamic performer captured in motion, draped in a flowing red garment, with a striking backdrop of elongated, hair-like strands creating an illusion of movement and wild energy.

Robert Moses’ Kin

Described by The Huffington Post as “a visually delicious beast that never comes short of dazzling the senses,” the award-winning Robert Moses’ Kin dance company from San Francisco performs their critically acclaimed work, Fable & Faith. Exploring imagination, creativity, identity and the current cultural climate through the metaphor of children’s fables, Fable & Faith features the exquisite San Francisco Boys Chorus under the direction of Ian Robertson, and award-winning playwright and actress Anne Galjour.  Also on the program is The Cinderella Principle,the company’s multi-media exploration into non-traditional family structures.  Don’t miss Robert Moses’ Kin, loved by audiences and called “masterful” by the San Francisco Chronicle and “intoxicating” by the Chicago Tribune.

Two individuals walking alongside a dynamic light installation that creates the illusion of a floating, geometric shape through the use of strategically placed strings illuminated against a dark background.

Chunky Move

Fiercely original, Chunky Move has earned an enviable reputation for producing a distinct yet unpredictable brand of technology-driven and genre-defying dance performance. The company redefines what is or what can be contemporary dance. Chunky Move’s work is both diverse in form and content. In Connected, the dynamic is flipped and digital technology is side stepped in favor of pure mechanics. Teaming up with Californian artist, Reuben Margolin, Chunky Move’s director and choreographer Gideon Obarzanek, animates both the body and the machine through physical connection between the dancers and Margolin’s purpose-built, kinetic sculpture. In Connected it is people – athletic and agile dancers’ bodies twisting and hurtling through space, as well as people in recognizable situations. To date, they have created a repertoire for the stage, as well as site specific, new-media, and installation works.



Macadâmes is a physical theatre group based in Paris, France. Using elements of mime, clowning, acrobatics, object manipulation, theatre, music, and dance the group presents Chaussée Interdite Aux Piétons. This creation refers to the musicality of movement, the embodiment of sound, the chill of tragedy, and the sentiments of love; all delivered in an entirely universal physical language and movement vocabulary that is easily understood by everyone.


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