A group of male dancers performing a synchronized contemporary dance routine on stage, showcasing their strength and flexibility under dramatic lighting.

Beijing Ldtx

Under the artistic direction of Willy Tsao, China’s foremost figure in modern dance, and Deputy Artistic Director Li Hanzhong, the company boasts an ensemble of 14 technically exquisite dancers and a diverse stunningly dramatic repertoire. Based in China’s capital, BeijingDance/LDTX serves as both a leader and a catalyst for the modern and contemporary dance and dance appreciation movement. By nurturing young talent and exclusively working with Chinese choreographers, BeijingDance/LDTX pioneers China’s most cutting edge choreography.

A group of contemporary dancers expressing emotion through movement on stage, their bodies caught in a moment of passionate performance.

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Co.

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company is arguably Israel’s most innovative and prominent dance organization. Under the lead of Artistic Director Rami Be’er the Company has soared into international spotlight as much for their exquisite technique as for their innovative approach. Kibbutz will peform the critcally-acclaimed work Infrared for their Luckman debut.

Abstract art and performance fusion - la compagnie pavlov live on stage, november 6th at 8 pm.

La Compagnie Pavlov | Vestiges/Vertiges

Vestiges/Vertiges delves into the verge of time where the remains of what is no longer have already started to take place. A territory in residue of the human touch: scraps of voices, habits, objects, images trying to recover their role. It is here that the audience finds themselves already amongst these dislocated resemblances and taking part in their reassembling. Together with the performance, they cross the threshold of forgetting and enter into the lives of those fighting against their own fading presence in time. Commissioned with the cooperation of the European Union, La Compagnie Pavlov is a multi-national, multi-disciplinary performance group based in Paris, France.


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