Edgardo Aragón

La Trampa | The Tramp

Edgardo Aragón

La Trampa | The Tramp

An immersive multi-screen video installation in a dark gallery space, featuring natural landscapes and human interaction with the environment, inviting viewers to a contemplative experience.

This exhibition features a trilogy of video works by Mexican artist Edgardo Aragón that explores the growing violence and narcotraffiicking in Mexico’s rural regions. From semi-habited locales to abandoned local roads, Aragón poignantly portrays the complicated conditions of the country without sensationalizing its charged context. This is the first solo exhibition for Aragón in Los Angeles; it features the works Efectos de Familia (2008-2010), Matamoros (2010), and La Trampa (2011).

This exhibition was organized by Cesar Garcia, Senior Curator of LAXART, and curated by Ruth Estevez.

The opening reception took place on Saturday, April 14, 2012


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