An art gallery room featuring a minimalistic exhibition with several framed artworks displayed on easels and two wooden benches for viewers to sit and contemplate the pieces.

This is the first large-scale exhibition featuring both individual and collaborative works by Ginger Wolfe-Suarez and Primitivo Suarez. These two artists have been working both independently and collaboratively on writings, sculpture, and installations for the past ten years. This exhibition draws from their interests in architecture, and the psychology and mediation of space and materials. Concepts of re-iteration, ephemerality, and the memory of place are explored through a series of complex sculptural logic. This will also be Ginger and Primitivo’s first exhibition since relocating back to Los Angeles.

Ginger’s new work of wall segments occupied by framed photocopies and drawings juxtaposes ideas of temporary and constant conditions. The installation expands on the artist’s explorations of ephemerality and the perception of permanence.

Primitivo’s latest installation of repetitive passage ways re-frames circulation and transition; continuing the artist’s interest into how perceptions of time and formal relationships are influenced as much by memory as by the built environment.

The exhibition also included a collaborative process-based installation titled
Extractions or Excavations which will develop over the course of the exhibition. Also included are drawings, sculpture, and a proposal for a future large scale architectural intervention.

The opening reception took place Saturday, January 10, 2015.

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