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Photos: Carminho at The Luckman | Oct 14, 2023

Acclaimed Fado singer Carminho takes her 2023 album, Portuguesa, on tour. The daughter of the renowned Fado singer Teresa Siqueira, Carminho explores her origins and identity in her work—combining reverence for the traditions of Fado with a modern vision all her own. With lush vocals and emotional depth, Carminho is not only a star, but a true artist for the next generation.   Known for drawing inspiration from her musical heritage and incorporating elements of jazz and world music, Carminho has gained international recognition for her soul-stirring renditions of Fado classics as well as her own original compositions. Her powerful yet delicate vocals, coupled with her deep emotional connection to the music, have earned her numerous awards and critical acclaim, solidifying her status as one of Portugal’s most exceptional musical talents. 

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