María José Llergo

María José Llergo

A portrait of María José Llergo with a serene expression, captured with a motion blur effect that gives the image a dreamlike, ethereal quality.


Photos: María José Llergo at The Luckman | Mar 10, 2024

Maria José Llergo‘s hauntingly beautiful voice and deep emotional connection to her music have captivated audiences and earned her widespread recognition. Singing about love, sadness, and social struggles, her stunning voice twists and turns through atmospheric and captivating soundscapes. With a remarkable ability to blend traditional flamenco with modern elements, Llergo’s compositions explore themes of love, longing, and personal introspection. Her raw and soulful performances and her innovative approach to the genre have propelled her to the forefront of contemporary flamenco. 

Her first album, Sanación, was included on NPR’s list of their favorite albums of 2020. The following year, she was nominated for a Latin Grammy and won a prestigious Goya Award. 

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