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Support > System

Support > System

Support > System  features the work of contemporary artists Ringo Bunoan (Philippines), Koki Tanaka (Japan), and Zhou Tao (China). These artists imbue humble objects, public spaces, and exhibition sites with unexpected and lyrical meaning.  In their various sculptures, videos, and installations, they repurpose materials and negotiate organizational structures to challenge our perception and understanding of the everyday.

A spacious art gallery with wooden flooring showcasing a variety of framed artworks on white walls and a large, prominent photograph mounted on a free-standing partition in the center of the room.

Tropical Vulture: The Films of George Kuchar

Tropical Vulture features the work of legendary independent filmmaker and educator George Kuchar. Since the 1950s, Kuchar has gained attention for displaying his morbid interests, insecurities, and razor-sharp wit in low-budget films with over-the-top plots and performances. This exhibition presents a unique combination of Kuchar’s films, videos, paintings and drawings, and is organized by San Francisco-based artist Julio Cesar Morales and Mexico City-based artist Miguel Calderon, two of Kuchar’s former students.

A serene art gallery interior showcasing a diverse display of artwork, including wall-mounted images, a decorated door installation, a table with documents, and a clothing item on the wall, inviting contemplation and reflection from visitors.

Psychic Outlaws

Psychic Outlaws is an exhibition inspired by Annie Buckley’s novel of the same name. Nineteen contemporary artists from Los Angeles will be given a different chapter of the book, and each will make new work in response. The exhibition becomes a unique collaboration and physical iteration of Buckley’s words and the themes of psychology, memory, alternative healing, feminism, and metaphorical reasoning found in the narrative. This exhibition is curated by John Souza with Annie Buckley.


Primer I

One painter. One sculptor. One photographer…Primer focuses on promising artists who are part of Los Angeles’ vibrant art community, and provides a space for their work to reach a wider audience. The exhibition introduces one artist per discipline, and one work or series per artist.


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