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How to Read El Pato Pascual: Disney’s Latin America and Latin America’s Disney is an attempt to engage with the idea that there are no clean boundaries in art, culture, and geography, and to deconstruct how such notions are formed and disputed. For over seventy-five years, the Walt Disney Company has continuously looked to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America for content, narratives, and characters, beginning with Donald Duck’s first role in the Mexican-themed Don Donald (1937). The 1971 text by Chilean scholars Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart—Para leer al Pato Donald—considered Disney comic books as a form of cultural imperialism, and the curators have used its arguments as a starting point to show that Disney cannot be seen as something simply exported to the rest of the Americas, and passively received. Like any other cultural force or mythology in Latin America, Disney imagery has always been quickly reinterpreted, assimilated, adapted, cannibalized, syncretized, and subverted in popular culture and the fine arts.

Illustration of a stern-faced man holding a flip phone with a lit cigarette in his mouth, with a "fragile" label visible in the background.

M.L. Dodge & Jay Lizo: Permanent Score

The Luckman Fine Arts Complex at Cal State LA is proud to present Permanent Score, an exhibition featuring new works by M.L. Dodge and Jay Lizo. The exhibition showcases the intersection of the two artists with distinctly contrasting approaches and concentrations in their processes. Focusing on the image/idea of the crate, Dodge and Lizo venture into different trajectories in what the standard shipping crate can transform into, what it can contain, where it might go, or what it might imply.

An intricate white symmetrical sculpture featuring multiple levels of trumpets with golden details, emanating from a central point to create a visually striking radial pattern.

Kara Tanaka

This first survey exhibition of Los Angeles based artist Kara Tanaka spans her work from 2005-2011. The exhibit will feature a cross section of Tanaka’s work, which has often explored the central themes of transcendence through her own aesthetic synthesis that merges the primitive with the futuristic.

A contemporary art exhibition featuring a video projection and illuminated sculptural installations in a gallery setting, with framed artworks on the walls in the background.

The Long-Lasting Intimacy of Strangers

the long-lasting intimacy of strangers is a group exhibition that engages principles of co-evolution. Looking at nature and the social meanings we make around origins and inter-species interactions, the works in the exhibition bring out the fantastical dormant within the seemingly ordinary objects that surround us: stones, plants, animals and bacteria. The artists in the exhibition probe our ideas around animacy, collaborating with monstrous rocks, extinct flowers, and alchemical microbes. The group exhibition is curated by Los Angeles-based artist Candice Lin.


Walter Askin

This exhibition highlights the extensive career of Los Angeles-based artist Walter Askin whose multi-faceted work ranges from sardonic graphic works, large painterly abstractions, to vibrant figurative sculptures. In each of these respective mediums he creates imaginative yet satirical images whose eclectic imagery resist being defined by any distinct movement.

An eclectic modern art gallery showcasing sculptures and whimsical animal-themed projections.

Melanie Nakaue: Omens

Employing experimental animation, sculpture, installation and photography. Melanie Nakaue creates a psychological space that focuses on the use of the figure in sculptural traditions and techniques.  All in a way to reinscribe the depiction of affliction.


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