Luckman Gallery

Spooky Action at a Distance

Raymundo T. Reynoso’s work reflects on the fabric of the city and present narratives of resistance, resilience, and existence that are evident yet often unseen. Incorporating paintings and prints on found surfaces, Spooky Action at a Distance explores the intersections of migration, labor, and urban life.

Two boys with earnest expressions, one resting his head on the other's shoulder, share a moment of camaraderie in a stark, monochromatic setting.


California-based photojournalist Cristina Salvador Klenz brings a collection of rare, intimate photographs featuring the Roma families living along the West Coast. Beginning in 1990 and working as a staff photographer for the Press-Telegram, Salvador Klenz spent nearly 30 years earning the trust of a number of families belonging to various “nations” of Roma and documenting their lives on black-and-white, 35mm film.

Ying Ming Tu in a dark tunic sitting cross-legged on a vibrant blue carpeted floor with a hat placed beside him, while another person stands in the background looking at framed portraits on the wall.

Tu-2: i to I, Mind to Heart

The Luckman Gallery is pleased to present Taiwanese-American artist Tu-2. This exhibition includes a small survey of Tu-2’s early Mao-ology work, selections from his 108 series of blue and silver portraits made through “meditative mark-making” using only one silver pencil on blue paper, and selections of his new work. A large section of the gallery has been transformed into a meditation refuge where viewers and students alike are invited to stay and practice mindfulness as well as learn about meditation practices.

A brochure featuring a collection of images and works by bruce yonemoto, displayed in a grid pattern across an open fold-out page.

Bruce Yonemoto: Screening and Book Launch

Please join us for a special screening of Bruce Yonemoto’s Sounds Like the Sound of Music (2005) and Papa (The Original Potato Eaters) (2006), plus the book launch of Bruce Yonemoto: Imaginary Line Around the Earth. The book was published on the occasion of the 2017 exhibition The Imaginary Line Around the Earth at Luckman Gallery which surveyed artwork inspired by his research in South America between 1992-2017.

Immersive art experience: a visitor engrossed in a captivating visual projection by The Propeller Group in a dark gallery space.

The Propeller Group

Established in 2006, Propeller Group is an artists’ collective based in Vietnam working in film, photography, sculpture, and installation. Merging the sophistication of an advertising firm, the pragmatism of a production company, and the experimentation of an arts co-op, Propeller Group refers to itself as a platform for collective thinking and coordinated action. This exhibition will feature work seen in Los Angeles for the first time, including the film The Living Need Light, The Dead Need Music (2014), a project created for the New Orleans Biennial.



Recelebration is a group exhibition of recent acquisitions from the Luckman Permanent Collection. 

A lively concert scene with an enthusiastic crowd watching musicians perform onstage, evoking a sense of 1970s rock and roll nostalgia.

Ethan Russell

Presented in conjuction with his stage show entitled The Best Seat In The House, a retrospective exhibition of acclaimed photographer Ethan Russell’s prolific career will be on display in the Luckman Gallery.


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