A group of dancers in rehearsal attire practicing choreography in a studio, with focus on one dancer expressing emotion through movement.

Dance & Dialogue

World Arts Day is designed to give the community an opportunity to experience and interact with various art forms from around the world. Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, and this dynamic interaction has made it a vibrant and rich community. The event will include a Mexican Folklorico dance class with the Dance & Dialogue program, along with other various dance classes.

Serving over 24,000 youths over the past ten years, the Dance & Dialogue series at the Luckman is a program that allows teens from all over the city with a shared interest in dance to come together and connect. This program is an opportunity for students to put dance in a context beyond performance-based skills alone. It is a chance to appreciate the expression of emotional honesty through movement, and so to grow as an individual. As the preeminent arts center east of Downtown Los Angeles, we provide a context for the development of imaginative and artistic expression and the discovery of new cultures while cultivating an appreciation for the arts.


Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos has been adapted for centuries from its pre-colonial roots to the popular depictions in mass media today. Inspired by rich Oaxacan traditions, it was brought to East Los Angeles in the 1970s as a way to enrich and reclaim Chicano identity through a small celebration at Self Help Graphics and Art. Since then, the celebration has grown in proportions with renditions enacted in communities all around the world. In contrast to all the glamorous fanfare Dia de los Muertos now receives, Artbound offers a more intimate look at this ritual through the story of artist Ofelia Esparza, who continues the tradition of building altars to remember the dead. Journey with her as she travels back to Mexico in search of her ancestral roots.

A group of smiling young performers in matching t-shirts gather on stage, radiating excitement and camaraderie during a dress rehearsal or event.

Dance & Dialogue

Schools are invited to bring their students virtually to our annual workshop which brings teens from all over the city of Los Angeles together to connect with each other, and celebrate their artistic expression as they dance together. The perfect way to support your students mental health!

Our Dance and Dialogue workshops are designed to provide quality instruction in both dance and evidence based tools to maintain good mental health such as dialogue, yoga, guided meditation, and other mindfulness practices to help ease stress, anxiety and depression. Students report that after experiencing our programs they feel happier and hopeful. The impact is felt even when done virtually students love making connections with others.Teachers are invited to register your students to attend this virtual field trip workshop.

A confident man with a subtle smile, dressed in a black shirt against a dark green background.

BD Wong

Award-winning actor BD Wong is one of America’s most versatile performers. BD has been on screens big and small for the last 20 years, appearing in such hits as Law & Order: SVU, Oz, Gotham, Jurassic Park, and Jurassic World. He received an Emmy nomination for his role as Whiterose and Minister Zhang in USA Network’s Mr. Robot. 


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